• January 10, 2022

Creative Makeup Tricks You Should Know

In this blossoming realm of social media, many already are familiar with creative makeup. You could be scrolling past a video, image, or even a guide on the creative makeup of your choice on social media. Creative makeup, although has been around the corner for centuries, but with the increasing popularity of face painting among women, creative makeup goes beyond basic makeup. In this post, we will be discussing five tricks you should know about the same. If you have questions or doubts, sign up for our creative makeup course online to learn the basics.

So, what is creative makeup? This can range anywhere from doing military face paint to accentuating the eyebrows. This method is all about applying a cosmetic product to your face to alter your looks. You can actually use creative makeup for several reasons- from ceremonies to cool fest or Halloween to everyday beauty choices. Creative makeup is using your face as a canvas, with proper skills that need precision.

Let’s cover the best tips that you may not have heard before.

DITCH THE OIL: In order to retain the shine, always keep blotting papers handy. The Revlon director once shared that it helps keep oil away at bay. This may appear odd but she even prefers putting deodorant on the fingertips to dap under the eyes which helps provide a matte look.

TRY COLORED EYELINER: You must know that changing your eyeliner help make your eyes look brighter and bigger. If you ever noticed celebrities like Julianne Moore or Natalie Portman, trying plum, blue, or olive green eyeliner will make your eyes look softer and bigger. Using the same black color simply makes your eye appear small since dark shades make your eyes withdraw.

CHOOSE SHEER FOUNDATION: Keep these in mind, adding aloe to your foundation will give a brilliant slip. Coming from a person that worked with celebrities like Leighton Meester and the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens, Sheering out the base by adding a small size of aloe into your foundation before application helps you achieve an even-toned spread.

STYLE YOUR BROWS: You may not know but styling your eyebrows will help you size up your eyes. Use a powder to define your brow and to bring attention to the center arch of the area. Since this is the biggest area, it tricks many into thinking your eyes are actually bigger. Prefer using a brow brush to apply eye shadow powder that works well with your hair color.

LEAVE THE LIPSTICK: You might have heard this before but try using lipstick to cover the rim of the mouth and protect your lips from bleeding. The same product can be used for both.

Now that you know basic tips that will help you create that wonderful look. You may want to know more regarding the same. Well, you can join our creative makeup course online at Adete Roshni and learn the essential skills.

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