• January 12, 2022

Your Guide to Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes, as we know, are integral for achieving a flawless, airbrushed look. It helps one feel confident. However, an extensive choice of brushes available in the market can make the shopping experience a bit overwhelming. Especially, if you are buying a multi-pack set, you may not know all the brushes’ names or the ability to discern their uses. Using your finger as an applicator sure is a true way to apply foundation but to hit the pro level in the realm of beauty, you must equip yourself with the right knowledge to make the magic happen. You can sign up for self-makeup courses in Delhi at Adete Roshni to arm yourself with the basic skills and knowledge about makeup. However, in this post, you will learn about the types and uses of makeup brushes.

Knowing all makeup brush types is a daunting challenge, so below we have distilled the powerful brushes and their uses.

  • Powder Brush: This generally is a thick and full-fibered brush that includes either natural or synthetic fabric. They have the versatility to perform various jobs when it comes to beauty. The powder brush is an omnipresent makeup brush and is an important tool that everyone carries in their makeup holster. You can use this brush for foundation- simply dip into the powdered product, both loose or pressed powder, and swirl in circular motions until you achieve full coverage.
  • Tapered Foundation Brush: This is the best one for applying foundation, highlighting, or blush application. Tapered Brush is usually less in form, flat, and has a gentle taper, hence the name. They are the ideal choice for liquid foundation and other liquid products. In case you are struggling to choose the type of foundation, this makes the best choice for the application. Dip the brush in warm water and then once you squeeze out the excess, you will experience even coverage.
  • Kabuki Brush: Perfect type for body shimmer and applying loose powder. Kabuki brushes are the most impressive looking brush that comes in a larger variety and tightly packed fibers. You can find them in a mini-size brush- they are best to use for applying loose powders on the face and body. Swirl your illuminizing product for that magical finish. Need to set your makeup? Dip your kabuki brush into the finishing powder and swirl it evenly across the face.
  • Contour Brush: For a perfect and defined cheekbone, contouring is important. It takes practice but you can use a contour brush to achieve that angular and nice facial structure. The first step is to invest in a good angle contour brush- instead of a flat brush, use angled brushes as they give you a natural curve.
    • Now that you know your major makeup brushes, and still struggling with makeup. Do you wish to know the formula of concealer or foundation, you have to understand the basics. Well, join our self-make courses in Delhi where our educators will take you from basic levels to advance level makeup. Set your beauty routine and makeup look that meets your skin type perfectly.